Our portfolio

has been created in order to reduce complexity for your selection process. Choose more  easily which material is suitable for  your application.


This set of formulations have been designed to withstand tough and corrosive environments.

Atreyu (YSZ)

Is an special toughened ceramic which provides good mechanical resistance combined to excellent insulation ability, covering applications such as thermal combustion shields or insulating tiles.

Mynos (Al2O3)
Can be used as heavy-duty forming tools to substitute metallic spare parts, substrates and resistor cores in the electronics industry, tiles for wear protection and ballistics or thread guides in textile engineering.
Nitro (SI3N4)

Presents optimal shock resistance and high fracture toughness, and it is employed in structural components for automotive engines, gas turbines and combustor parts.

Kratos (SiC)

Ensures excellent dimensional stability and high resistance to thermal shocks at high temperatures, and it can be used in nozzles, exhaust systems and extrusion dies combining high hardness, abrasion and corrosion resistance.